The 100% Promise

When we founded Horizon Initiative in 2004, our mission was to utilize venture capitalist resources to empower the poor. As a board of investors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists with a goal of investing for good, the business-minded lens through which we envisioned effective, lasting change helped to shape our model and values to what they are today. As much as we desire for our micro-communities to sustain themselves, we also strive to follow a similar model as an organization.

Our commitment is that 100% of outside donations go directly toward our micro-community initiatives on the ground in Kenya as a result of our board, corporate sponsorship, and venture philanthropy initiatives, all of which offset our administrative expenses. Their support and commitment to the cause allows us to scale our model without the traditional burden of administrative expenses. This model allows us to abide by our promise that 100% of your gift will go directly toward our self-sustaining micro-community initiatives.

Horizon Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization governed by a North American Board of Directors and an in-country Kenyan Board of Directors to ensure accountability and cultural relevance in all that we do.