Prepared For Life

In many developing countries, land is like gold. Not only is it a valuable and sought-after resource, it is an individual’s inheritance. So what does that mean for the hundreds of orphaned children under our care who will never inherit the land of their fathers?

In a national economy where the unemployment rate exceeds 40% – and upwards of 80% in the areas where we work – many young men and women lack a marketable skill. As their guardians and mentors, we are responsible for equipping them with a quality education, life values and skills, and the confidence to pursue their goals and provide for themselves. Each child’s situation is different, so we offer three forms of a culturally relevant inheritance: an agricultural apprenticeship and a piece of land, a college degree, or a trade coupled with business training. This is where our on-site agricultural operations and life skills center are valuable, especially for those who do not advance to college.

We challenge our children to implement a strong work ethic; our graduates we encourage innovative thinking. Regardless of the avenue fitting for each child, we aim for each one to have the resources necessary to put their ideas and strengths to action, serving as a productive member of society with a renewed sense of purpose and dignity.

Three Pathways to Success

Trade School & Business Training

University & College Degree

Agricultural Training & Land

 Sheila Tonniah Derick


Current Age: 18

Age when her father passed away:

0% Possibility her mother could send her to  school

Started with Horizon Home Based Care  2010

2012 Started studying dressmaking at  Horizon

Graduated with a certificate in Tailoring & Garment Making 2013

Now Employed as a Fashion Garment Maker at a local tailoring business



Current Age: 24

 Number of Siblings she shared a home with: 5

 1 Parent to support her entire family

  Dollars per day her family lived on $2       

 2002 Entered the  children’s home where she bloomed

 Started studying at Nursing school to be a registered nurse 2009 

 Now Employed as a  Registered Nurse in a  Western Kenyan Hospital



Current Age: 28

Has a wife, Esther & son Griffon, age: 2

9 Age his single mother passed away

Began his new life at the children’s home 2001   

2013 Started Agricultural and apprenticeship

Completed training with a focus on green house tomato production 2014

Now Successfully self-employed farmer supporting his wife and son.


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