Community Outreach

Horizon Initiative’s goal is not only to rescue and empower the children living within our micro-communities, but to also elevate the conditions of our close neighbors. By identifying and addressing needs relevant to each site location, we seek to have a positive and lasting reach both within and outside of our micro-communities.


Through partnership with Greenlight Planet, our solar lantern initiative has provided over 300 neighboring families in need with a clean, reliable, and cost-efficient way to light up their homes, empowering working mothers and children in school through off-grid technology. To learn more, click here.


We hold annual medical clinics at our micro-communities to serve the medical needs of children, HI Team and community members. A single two-day medical clinic typically allows over 300 patients to be seen and treated by certified doctors and nurses. If you are a health care professional interested in serving on a medical clinic trip with us, click here.


At our next micro-community site in the Bondo region, we’ve built a brand new well to serve the children’s home as well as the area’s severe water scarcity issue.