A Life Changed Through Sponsorship: Meet Sharon

Posted on: November 26, 2014

Janet and Sharon Jepkosgei (Tom Cugini)

“Hello! My name is Sharon, and I love to sing. Although I pride myself on being polite, I project my quiet voice when I sing songs of praise and joy – joy that I did not know as a young girl. After my father passed away, I was made to be a house girl, always working and never playing. For a long time, life was only about servitude and survival. When I came to Baba Nyumbani Children’s Home in 2011, I realized I had reason to sing happy songs.

I learned what a ‘home’ really means: protection, safety, freedom, and love.

I now play with my brothers and sisters. I also go to school, where I solve math problems. This makes me glad, because I know I can find solutions to life’s challenges. My education also gives me reason to dream big for my future, one that I hope involves a career in accounting. My steadiness and dependability would suit me well in that job.”

Sharon, pictured above on the right, was also brave to share some of her story in our most recent video.

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