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Monica N

Female, Age 18, Grade 9

She wants to become a doctor

Baba Nyumbani, Kenya

Sponsor A Child

Sponsorship with Horizon is your personal connection to rescue and empower an orphaned child under our care. Your investment of $35 per month will help prepare a child for life beyond the children’s home, helping to meet their food, shelter, healthcare, education and wellness needs through the holistic care approach of Horizon’s micro-community model.

For your investment in a child’s life, you’ll gain access to a personal online interface where you can communicate with your child. You’ll receive a child profile, letters from your child, and updates on the impact of your support. Because of our 100% Promise, your entire monthly gift will go directly toward initiatives on the ground to support your child.


The cost to sponsor a child residing at one of our micro-communities does not cover our actual cost per child. However, the remainder is covered by our wealth generation model and on-site sustainability. While this total cost per child is more than that of most other sponsorship programs, we firmly believe in a high level of care and opportunity at our children’s homes; it is our hope that this quality-over-quantity approach not only differentiates us from other children’s homes, but truly empowers these children to self-sustainability in the long run.