Corporate Child Sponsorships

The cape buffalo is one of Africa’s largest and most fearsome animals; it cannot even be harmed by lions. Yet this beast cannot survive without a little bird called the oxpecker. Just like the buffalo and the bird, the wealthy and the poor both have something the other needs. We believe that when the two are brought together, life happens.

Through corporate sponsorship with Horizon Initiative, business leaders can provide life-changing opportunities for both their employees and the children they support. Our paycheck-deductible matching program combines the resources of both the company and their employees, forming a giving community that creates lasting change. Because we believe that sponsorship is a symbiotic relationship, we provide each sponsor with a personal online interface that can be used to communicate with their child over time, resulting in a giving experience that is meaningful and personal. Learn more about sponsorship here.

We also welcome companies to sponsor children on behalf of employees, as well as a variety of other forms of corporate partnership. To get your company involved, email usĀ at

A big thank you to our current corporate sponsors. It is because of these companies that hundreds of children are empowered to fulfill their potential:

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