Sponsor A Micro Business

Backed by a diverse community of business leaders and venture capitalists, Horizon Initiative continually seeks to integrate our sustaining philanthropic work with viable business ventures, thus bringing new meaning and understanding to the marketplace, and new opportunities to developing areas of the world. For us, wealth generation and partnership go hand in hand. With this ideology in place, we offer opportunities to philanthropic business owners to partner with us by contributing funding, resources, and training toward a fitting and meaningful micro business venture.


Micro-businesses are the vehicles that make our children’s home a micro-community. These business ventures provide for those on site, producing food, milk, apparel and other basic needs for operational growth. Excess products are then sold at local markets, generating income to offset operational costs. Additionally, micro-businesses provide resources to organically train the children and staff with applicable business skills, and create fair-wage job opportunities for both graduating children and local community members, truly empowering lives.

By partnering with Horizon Initiative in this way, you will share your company’s business skills, passions, and entrepreneurial experience to generate income for a micro-community and further our self-sustaining vision. To learn more about this unique opportunity, please contact us at info@horizoninitiative.org.